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My name is N.M Sotzek, author of Revealing the Revolution, and reviewer at On Writing. I have been reviewing novels (both traditionally and independently published) since 2014. I am a member of NetGalley and have been approached by publishing houses for my quality reviews. With this experience, I have begun offering my editorial services to all authors, although I have a special place in my heart for independent authors.


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Get in touch
Fill out the form below. If we feel you are a good fit, I'll contact you with a quote. Make sure you've already looked here to get an idea of costs.


step TWO


The contract


Once the contract has been signed, a 10% non-refundable deposit will be required within 24 hours of signing before editing will begin.


The contract will include all terms, definitions, and estimated timeline.

Your details were sent successfully!

my editing


I believe that everyone has a story to tell, but everyone has a different way of doing that. For me, I went the indie way. There can be a stigma against work that has been published independently that I was determined to be as professional looking as possible with my writing. That is my goal for each client. I believe that each author deserves a professional looking novel, and I believe that each party (editor and author) should remain as professional as possible. Once the editing is complete and you've published your novel, that's when the party can begin!

step THREE

The timeline

Depending on the length of the work, and how much editing is required, four weeks is the goal turnaround time. This is negotiated within the contract.

step FOUR


I will deliver a marked-up copy of your manuscript and, depending on the service you requested, a detailed evaluation of your novel. This will not be a review but a report explaining points in the manuscript that need to be addressed. For indie authors, I will also include a short PDF guide to self-publishing in Canada.

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